Top 10 DUMBEST Changes in Netflix’s Death Note (2017)

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The mid-2000s Series brought Anime to the mainstream, but this Netflix movie adaptation was a mistake. For this list we’re checking out all the weirdest and questionable liberties taken by director Adam Wingard – from whitewashing, to Light and L’s stupid personalities, we’re putting it all on the table. So be prepared for screaming, gore, death gods, sex scenes, Willem Dafoe, exploding ferris wheels, and other silly stuff.

00:51 #10. Gratuitous Gore
01:51 #9. Misa…or Mia is a Manipulative, PsychoEdgelord
02:44 #8. The Soundtrack is TryHard
03:37 #7. Light’s Family
04:22 #6. Light and Misa’s Relationship
05:18 #5. L is an Impulsive Cry Baby
06:07 #4. Ryuk’s Intentions
07:26 #3, #2, #1: ???

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 DUMBEST Changes in Netflix’s Death Note (2017)

    1. they could of made her more of a psycho if they wanted…i mean have u ever seen an anime called future diary…..GIRL is INSANE!…like dark psycho type….in that anime the main male character is the weak one. Unfortunately most women in anime and in media today have the princess in distress crap written into their story’s. its sad… and most the time for me it makes me lose some interest in that character, always having to be saved is kinda annoying.

    2. really because the creator of death note said when he came up with the idea for misa he pictured her as a gothic lolita who would practily start the kira religion. Misa is better in the anime because Light always has this cheerleader next to him feeding his ego and can instantly give him the name of any rival. So yeah anime Misa much better than the try hard “smoking while cheerleading because I’m that cool” edgelord that is Mia

    3. Misa Amane should actually be like in the movie….she kills people and she said that she would kill Kira of he tried to hurt her, however, she transformed into a dumb picky childrish character from her second appearance till the last episode.
      Misa Amane was created to be sociopath, however, Japan’s sexism can’t accept the fact that
      1) Women can be as great as a man
      2) Sociopath and psychopath can be female.

      The wrong part is Light being so recessive. Actually, the good choice would be an epic battle between Misa, Light and L (or Misa, Light, Mikami, Near and Mello) .

  1. I don’t necessarily think that Death Note is a good movie. But it definitely would be better if they didn’t name the main characters after the anime. I mean almost everyone is completely different, including Ryuk.

  2. The original death note was supposed to be about the battle between intellect and philosophical questions on what true justice is. This pathetic excuse of an adaptation is entirely focused on crappie teen movie tropes and replaces every ounce of intellect with action and gore. The creators should be shameful of what they’ve done to a highly acclaimed timeless anime series.

  3. I viewed the movie as a “What-if” scenario, in where the Death Note was found by someone else, and that it was basically trying to interpret the consequences of the Death Note itself as opposed to the characters. In that respect I took the characters for what they were, and frankly I had hoped Mia would have killed Light off at the end of the movie so that all of the stupidity he had demonstrated would have come to a heed as opposed to “Surprise I’m actually smart” using an extremely convoluted series of events to pull the ending off.

    In the end the movie missed a big part of what made the original intriguing: The detective elements, which were basically throw-away lines in the movie; and just replaced with your typical teenage problem story.

  4. after 15 minutes i stopped watching this horrible movie, really really bad acting and worst part is adding a black guy just because he is black. i don’t care about that shit, i just want a good movie. trash trash

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