10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s

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You might not be lovin’ it after you watch this video! McDonald’s has monopolised the fast food industry, but it might not have fared so well if people knew its darker secrets.

Fried chicken heads, expired meat, animal cruelty, and erectile dysfunction are just some of the things that Mickey Ds is serving up, in the top 10 disgusting facts about McDonald’s.

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10 thoughts on “10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s

  1. Can’t continue with your video. The rat in the salad was never confirmed and the person making the allegations is unreliable. Story is from 2006 and I don’t see anywhere that any money was actually received. Thumbs down.

  2. Hey for the people who worked at McDonalds how about 10 disgusting facts about McDonalds Customers?? you know to make it fair?? 1) they’re constantly stealing by bringing in outside containers and filling them to the brim (and causing a mess on the counter and then leaving behind curse words or a middle finger if you call them out on it 2) Homeless people/junkies love decorating their restrooms with feces and needles 3) The loser deadbeats in life like to verbally abuse McDonalds employess because they’re young teenagers and thus easier to belittle. 4) Customers like to “find” pieces of hair in their already mostly eaten meal, and are sometimes given a free meal. (now why would someone who actually finds something gross in their meal actually be okay with another meal? because the managers know they’re lying and figure it’s cheaper to give them a free meal then to deal with a lawsuit 5) Many of the “I found a rat in my food” hoaxes like the rat found in a box of KFC tenders or the chicken head are Proven HOAXES why? for one go to google and try to find information on how the lawsuit went down did the people get any money? NO why not you ask? because they REFUSED to allow the Fast food operators to look at the offending pieces of food for examination. (why would she hurt her own case? it’s easy when they found out that the claims were officially BS they could be counter sued since she went straight to the news outlets rather than let the manager know what happened (not even a customer complaints by phone) Also the 100K All time claims she won is a lie NO one knows what happened to the case (her lawyers speculated that she might only receive a couple thousand if she won, and since she never let McDonalds test the chicken I think its safe to say that she lost her case or for all we know she got scared of being caught and never even filed a lawsuit.6) they constantly grab a TON of napkins that they eventually never use now you may think its not a big deal but what about the tress and resources that were used to make them?? with Mcdonalds covering the entire world it’s safe to say that greedy customers are helping chop down a lot of trees that they never use for anything… 7) Older male customers like to hit on the underage girls who are behind the counter8) mothers change diapers right out in the OPEN GROSSS go do that in your homes you nasty broads!! 9) Customers don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom (I know because I’m a janitor) 10) Customers are always stealing… for the two Christmases I have been working I notice that the decoration boxes we have set under our mini Christmas tress are always disappearing (they’re just empty nugget or burger cartons) although they are nice enough to leave the torn up remains just outside of the sidewalk for me to clean up >.>) BONUS: Freeloaders who have no intention of buying anything BITCH loudly about there being a lock on the bathroom that requires a token (which customers get for free)

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